Our staff is specifically trained to provide the most cost effective and accurate pricing possible.  There are several choices in therapy modalities and supplies which vary pricing. Additionally, the availability and cost of products and medications are in constant flux, also affecting the price. Please call us so we can discuss the most cost effective options for you.

Insurance Billing

Infuserve is not a preferred provider with insurance companies. This is actually an advantage to our patients, as what often happens is that therapy is approved by insurance for a limited number of days only. Often, our patients require treatment long past the time insurance will cover. Because coverage was initially provided, patients are caught off guard when suddenly payment ceases, and they are responsible for the entire cost of therapy.

This will never happen to you at Infuserve. We will ask for your co-insurance payment with every order, which on the average is approximately 20% of national list price. This is typically done with a credit card payment, and this is the most you will ever pay. We will then submit claims to your insurance company as a courtesy to you. If payment is received, we will reimburse you according to the parameters of your policy. As all insurance policies and patient situations are different, we are not able to predict which policies will reimburse. However, we have a highly trained finance department keeping abreast of all the current regulations and coding, optimizing your chances for reimbursement. Of course, should you choose to do so, you may submit your claims yourself, but our recommendation is to allow us to assist you with this instead.
In order for us to submit your claim, we will need an Acknowledge Form signed by you, allowing for insurance payment. We send this information to you with your first order. It is necessary to receive this back from you before we can process your claim. Please click here for the review of the associated paperwork and another copy of the Acknowledgement Form.

Please contact Ryan or Ovierra in our Finance Department for any questions regarding your billing.